Larimer County is a great area to live in, but unfortunately, crime is ever-present no matter where you reside.

"We focus in the Crime Prevention on community education and awareness, so that the citizens of Larimer County can be more street-smart and savvy about how to make themselves less vulnarable to criminals, whether it's their home or their car or their personal safety or their family safety," said Barbara Bennett, the Crime Prevention/Sheriff's Auxilary Unit Coordinator, in our "Tuned In to NoCo" interview.

Bennett helps to set up local Neighborhood Watch programs, which are some of the best ways to prevent and reduce crime in an area.

And while it may seem obvious, individuals can help combat crime by practicing the following tips:

  • Lock house/car doors and windows
  • Remain alert for, and call in, suspicious activity
  • Utilize smartphone apps to make it appear as if you are home
  • Hire a house sitter when on vacation
  • Trim bushes to eliminate criminal hiding spots

Apart from crime prevention education, the Crime Prevention/Sheriff's Auxiliary Unit also works with scam prevention and personal, home, realtor, senior and child safety.

But this hard work wouldn't be possible without the help of diligent volunteers — and they're always looking for new ones.

And just because volunteers are working with law enforcement doesn't mean they aren't able to enjoy their time with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

"It's a very eclectic group. All ages, all backgrounds, professionals across the board," said Bennett. "But we all have such a good time and we are really a very tight knit group. We work hard, but we laugh hard. It's really a phenomenal team unit."

To volunteer, submit your application here.

Learn more about the Crime Prevention/Sheriff's Auxiliary Unit by listening to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Barbara Bennett below.

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