Ahh, I'm back in the radio-saddle for the first time in over a week. "Where's Beano?" You may have asked while I was out. I was in the sunshine state taking my little girl for her first trip to Disney World, Universal Studios, and her first trip to the beach.

I was also being reminded that humidity is not my friend. I'm a Colorado-born, thin-air breathing, 30%-is-high-humidity kind of guy. Walking around 97-degree July afternoons with 80-90-percent humidity was...sticky.

I'm sure anyone from a high-humidity climate has no pity for me, but I can still whine about it, right? I've only been to a few humid climates in my life, and only a fraction of those trips happened in the middle of summer. Methinks I'll plan my next humidity-laden trip for the winter months. Most of this trip was spent hoping I sweat through my entire shirt to it didn't look as gross as the sweat patches that formed almost instantly.

Other than the lack of cool, dry air the trip was a blast. Here are a few of my vacation photos if you'd care to to a little vicarious living.

A few things I found out on this trip:

  • My daughter can handle long plane rides (Next stop: The World!)
  • Even a 17-month old loves the Magic Kingdom
    Rude tourists might be my least favorite people in the world
  • Florida rain feels nice, but after Florida rain feels as if you're being steamed like a vegetable.
  • Phone batteries need to last longer
  • Harry Potter land is as cool as it looks
  • My stomach can no longer handle rides that 'spin'
  • Parking a late-model mini van between a Ferrari and an Aston Martin at a steakhouse makes me feel classy

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