This is what I imagine our Jingle Jam artists are really hoping to get this Christmas! #thepointjinglejam

Jingle Jam will be here before we know it (December 3rd!) and believe it or not but it's time to start thinking about gifts. What are you wishing for this Christmas? If one of our Jingle Jam artists are on your list, this might spark some inspiration of what they are all wishing for, well in my mind anyways.


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    The Rua

    That Hogwarts was somehow real...well at least the portal to Hogwarts. If only it came to Colorado so they could skip the long flight and just get here in no time! Running at a brick wall is much easier than a flight from the United Kingdom to America, let alone the West Coast of the USA! #therua

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    That stilettos were more comfortable than sneakers, so we could see all the fabulous shoes she wears with her awesome outfits. She wears such fantastic footwear too! If only this wish was many women would be happy all year long! #karmin

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    Charlie Puth

    Unlimited amount of hair gel and Marvin Gaye songs. The perfect combination to make girls swoon. His old school swagger is as perfected as his vocal talents. But having an unlimited amount of the supplies to make his hair perfect in no time, as well as having unlimited songs to set the mood would make this Christmas season that much more happier. #charlieputh

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    These guys have the best wish yet for Christmas! Which is to come back to Colorado of course! Colorado does, after all, have a huge love for O.A.R. If only this wish were to come true...oh wait! We've already granted that wish! O.A.R. is starting the Christmas season off right, in Colorado, with The Point! #OAR