My wife and I have mastered a couple marriage hacks I'd like to share with you.

1. Use separate blankets for your shared bed. She's always too cold, I'm always too hot. Problem solved... she can use a thick duvet and I can use a thin blanket, plus you never wake up mad because someone was hogging the covers all night.

And 2. If you're going to get some take out, nowhere is it written you each have to get something from the same restaurant, long as you're willing to make two stops. So why not pick your favorite thing from whatever restaurant and get take-out for one, from two different spots?

You see, long ago we discovered what we call "Dutch take-out nights," where she will order herself something like sushi or Thai food, and if I'm not feeling it, I'll order pizza or some Mexican or BBQ. We each place our own order, pay for them, then I go pick them up as she's getting the kids to sleep. It's like our own stay-in, Dutch date night with a favorite meal and some quality Netflix binging.

That got me thinking... Maybe you love one thing from one restaurant, but your spouse loves something else from someplace different. We all have our go-to meal at one place or another, creatures of habit we are. So, what do you consider to be the single best restaurant menu item in all of Fort Collins?

I went on a research mission to find out, and lo and behold, the people of Reddit are up for the challenge yet again. Here's what people say are the best single menu item in Fort Collins, sorted by number of upvotes.

Best Single Restaurant Menu Items in All of Fort Collins

The people of Reddit have spoken. Here's what they consider to be the best single restaurant menu items in Fort Collins.

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