Southwest Airlines is eager to let you know that by the middle of 2022, they'll have a new fare with new 'perks.' What are the new perks?

Southwest, with a major hub at Denver International Airport (DIA,) currently has three main fares.


A better boarding position so you’ll be one of the first Customers to board the plane.


Refundable flights, as long as your reservation is canceled at least ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Wanna Get Away

Our lowest fare that still includes all your favorite benefits: Two bags fly free, two carry-ons, no change fees, free inflight entertainment, and your choice of seats.

I generally grab the 'Wanna Get Away' fare, because, yes, it's the cheapest, but also because it's fun: 'Wanna' is not even proper English; that's fun.

According to USA Today, the airline recently held a press conference where among other things, they announced that in the middle of 2022, they'll be adding a new option for fares. A Southwest executive said that this new fare will come with 'ehnanced attributes,' that the customer would happily pay a little bit more for.

Slow down, Sparky.

Good to know that this well-paid airline exec knows what I'd happily click on and pay more for; I guess that's why he gets the big bucks.

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Maybe like I'm like you- I don't care for getting teased, like this. Here's Southwest bragging about some great new fare that comes with great 'stuff' I'm going to be willing to pay extra [more than 'Wanna Get Away] for, but not saying 'what.'

The fact that they didn't mention WHAT I'd pay extra for, makes me think that they haven't really figured that part out, yet.

I bet I can guess the name of this fare:

'Sure, Why Not?'

The 'Sure, Why Not' fare! It's perfect. But, what is it that they might be adding, that I would say, 'Sure, Why not?'

Let's take a look. I might 'pay a little bit more for:'

In-Flight Noise Cancelling Headphones.

I don't have any. If they were to provide a pair, I might drop another $10.

Automatic Check-In

Instead of the usual checking in 24 hours prior, I'd be instantly checked in; I'd pay $20 to not worry about that.

 Bill Murry on the Flight

Now, this is something I would definitely enjoy, Bill Murray flying with me; but I'm sure it won't be an option, let alone an option that I would only pay 'a little bit more' for.

It will be very interesting come the spring of 2022, to see what the name of this fare is and what the added perks are.

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