Do you feel lucky? Well do you? A recent study attempted to "quantify" the luckiest and unluckiest cities in America. Lets see where some Colorado cities fell.

Men's Health used several factors to determine what cites were the luckies. They used such data as; the most Powerball, Mega Millions and Publishers Clearing House winners they had. But their data didn't only include winning money. It also included the fewest lightning strikes, fewest deaths by falling objects and even the most hole-in-ones, as tracked by the PGA... because that is all luck and requires no skill at all.

According to Men's Health, the top five luckiest cities are San Diego, Baltimore, Phoenix, Wilmington (DE) and Richmond (VA). So where is Vegas? Well, sin city did crack the top ten, coming in at seventh.

So what about Colorado? Denver was the highest ranked city, coming in at 29, followed by Aurora at 73 and Colorado Springs at 84. Fort Collins didn't even make the list... however I'm just thinking, they just didn't have enough data on us. I mean, how many people have died due to falling objects in Old Town? I doubt the buildings are even tall enough.

So, with all that in mind, what cities are the unluckiest? Coming in at 95-100, were Billings, Sioux Falls (SD), Memphis, Jackson (MS), Tampa and Charleston (WV).

Men's Health does however have a suggestion to "get lucky." They suggest carrying a talisman or "good luck charm." They quote a study in the journal of Psychological Science, that states that people who carries these types of items performed better in tasks than those who didn't. The reason... just believing that you are lucky, will give you more confidence.

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