That’s a big wall, there on the west side of Chipper’s Horsetooth. You have to wonder how much paint it’s going to take to get the project done. We have the details on what’s going on.

Courtesy: Bobby MaGee Lopez

The Fort Collins Mural Project is behind what’s happening on the backside of Chipper’s Horsetooth Center in Fort Collins. They thought it would be a great idea to put a mural on that long back 20’ x 80’ wall that the entertainment center has, and Chipper’s agreed!

Dave Jensen, TSM
Dave Jensen, TSM

Back in June of 2017, they had a fundraiser for the mural and had attendees pick out which design would adorn the wall. The winning piece, ‘Omming Bird’, was submitted by artist Bobby MaGee Lopez. Bobby is based out of Hawaii but often comes to Colorado to work.  He began painting the mural the week of August 21, 2017—and should be completed soon!

So, riders on MAX will have something really nice to look at as it passes Chipper’s!