Even through all of the insanity in our world in the last couple of years, Colorado is a pretty happy state. o

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Three Colorado Cities In The Top 100 Happiest In America

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. OK, maybe not that happy, but living in Colorado gives us all a pretty good chance to find something to smile about. That's why three Colorado cities made it on WalletHub's "2022's Happiest Cities In America" list. Some, or maybe most people would think that money is the key to happiness, but the WalletHub study showed that even those who make around $75,000 a year wouldn't gain much more satisfaction making more money. The United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world but ranks 14th as far as the World Happiness Report goes. Where you live is one of the key things to happiness. So here's where Colorado is happiest.

What Are The Happiest Cities In Colorado?

Using overall guidelines including "Emotional & Physical Well-Being, Income & Employment, and Comunity & Environment," the happiest city in Colorado is Aurora which checks in at number 42 on WalletHub's Top 100 with an overall score of 60.15. Denver is 15 down the happiest cities list checking in at number 57 with an overall score of 58.41. Rounding out our trifecta is Colorado Springs at number 64 with an overall score of 57.74.

Source: WalletHub

The top three cities weren't as obvious as you'd think. Number three was San Fransisco, CA, with a 71.15 score. Number two was Columbia, MD, with a 71.64 score. Number one was Fremont, CA, with a 77.13 score. Compared to the score our three Colorado cities were given I'd say we're doing alright.

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