Weld County currently has the most COVID-19 deaths in Colorado, with the county's death toll climbing to 51 on Sunday (April 12) night.

The Greeley Tribune reports that Weld County has 784 known cases of the virus as of Monday (April 13), leaving it with the fifth-highest case rate in Colorado.

However, this is including all of the state's counties. In counties with 100,000 or more people, Weld County is leading Colorado in terms of coronavirus cases.

On top of this, the case number might be even higher, as health officials report that many Weld County residents are having difficulty getting tested.

These high rates are not necessarily population-based.

According to World Population Review, Weld County is the ninth most populated county in Colorado, with Larimer County coming in third and Denver County coming in first.

Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment Executive Director Dr. Mark Wallace suspects the prevalence of the virus in the county is due to nursing home outbreaks, a high amount of essential businesses, and a lack of social distancing.

"...I'm not sure our response has been as strong as some of our sister counties," Wallace told The Greeley Tribune. "...it's important for us to continue to be in this together and to do our part."

Wallace noted that Weld County residents also have higher rates of adult asthma and heart-related hospitalizations when compared to other counties in the state.

Social distancing guidelines, along with other COVID-19 prevention tips, can be found here.

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