As I type this, it's 9 a.m. on Monday morning and post snow squall at 33 degrees.

We experienced a mini blizzard for about 30 minutes this morning and now Colorado is all sunshine. Whiplash, much?

Here's the weekday forecast for Northern Colorado, according to the National Weather Service:


  • High of 40, low of 17
  • Sunshine and up to 40 mph winds


  • High of 26, low of 6
  • A 20 percent chance of snow and cloudy with wind up to 32 mph. Evening windchill as low as -4


  • High of 43, low of 24
  • Mostly sunny


  • High of 48, low of 24
  • Mostly sunny


  • High of 53, low of 24
  • Sunny and clear
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