The statistics are staggering. Take a look at some of this information having to do with child abuse in Northern Colorado.

Did you know that one in four girls will be abused by their 18th birthday?

How about one in six boys by their 18th birthday?

Over 70% of children who die because of abuse are younger than 18 years old.

It's time we all took a stand to put an end to child abuse in Northern Colorado, and our sister K99.1 is doing something which we hope that ALL of our listeners as well will play a part in with the "28 Hours of Hope Radiothon"! All money raised by the 28 Hours of Hope will be donated to the following organizations:

Every little bit goes a long way, so make your donation now by calling 1-800-500-2599. That's 1-800-500-2599. Or click here to make an online donation.

Thank you Northern Colorado!

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