According to a press release from The Water Valley Company, Northern Colorado has a very exciting project to look forward to in the coming years: The Rocky Mountain Grand Resort and Conference Center.

Northern Colorado is an area that is host to many demographics - one of the biggest being families. With Water World quite a drive down the highway, and even another water park near Denver rumored to be in the works, it's exciting to see Northern Colorado finally getting something of our own so close to home.

Just how close to home will it be? The project - with still some work left to do on entitlement and incentives - has been going through the City of Loveland for the entirety of the process.

"The Rocky Mountain Grand Resort and Conference Center will be best-in-class facilities with best-in-class operators and a best-in-class location," said Martin Lind, president of the Water Valley Companies.

Lind spoke further on the development of the project and their excitement for it to be in the works with Loveland, saying, "We are honored to bring this project to Loveland, they have earned it and sacrificed much in these last 7 years with the abandoned state-led RTA, that effort and learning curve has brought us to will be a great day for Loveland, and because of this location, all of NoCo".

The Water Valley Company has also partnered with PCL Construction for the project. PCL Construction's Director Jeff Darnell spoke about the water park, saying:

As a local builder and resident who has built water park resorts and conference centers across North America, we are excited to be leading the design-build efforts in partnership with the Water Valley Company for this world class community amenity. The team has months of effort put into this project to date and we look forward to getting this project built for the community.

The Grand Resort's program overview states that it will reportedly have several impressive amenities with space for more than just water park activities:

  • 390 deluxe rooms and suites
  • 69,000 square foot conference center
  • 85,000+ square foot water park with 11+ major attractions
  • 40,000 square foot outdoor courtyard recreation areas
  • 10,000 square foot family entertainment center
  • Sports bar and arcade
  • A dry entertainment area
  • Spa, fitness center, and other resort amenities

Here's a look at the proposed project:

Rocky Mountain Grand Resort Proposed Loveland Project

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