This is a sign that spring, and summer is right around the corner. Over the past few months, it has been a depressing site, driving past Lake Loveland, to see it almost totally empty. But as of this weekend, it looks like things are changing. On Saturday (April 2, 2016) a Facebook user named John Wood,s shared a video on I Love Loveland, that shows the lake getting filled.


OMG, I'm pretty sure this is video of water flowing back into Lake Loveland sent to us by John!!! Am I the only one that's exceedingly ecstatic about this?! ~ Laura

Posted by I Love Loveland on Saturday, April 2, 2016


In another post, Woods, shared with I Love Loveland, a photo showing that this is indeed Lake Loveland, for anyone who may have had their doubts.


The water is flowin' back into Lake Loveland!

Posted by John J Woods on Saturday, April 2, 2016


The water is rushing out back into the lake, signaling the beginning of springs, and I can't wait to get the family out to Lake Loveland this summer.

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