The commercial is titled "Purpose."

Space. How much do we really know about it? It seems like we are discovering new things each and every day. As technology continues to advance, so does our ability to explore and inhabit this great unknown. I'm mesmerized by our universe and yet, because of its mysteries, I'm also afraid of it. I feel the same way about sharks, but that's not relevant.

These days more and more people are looking up wondering "what if."

Truth be told, with technology opening up new realms of research, it also opens up new possibilities for regular people to go to space. There are a few organizations right now that are planning on sending tourists into orbit. In fact, Space X has partnered with Space Adventures with the promise of a tourist excursion as early as 2021. And while this all sounds super exciting, I can't help but think that space can't be a human free-for-all. Much like earth, there has to be some sort of order and those who will enforce it.

Enter, Space Force.

This new focus of the military, specifically the US Air Force, would not only serve as a source of order, but also enable more research to be done. Brave men and women who are dreamers would have the chance to see those space dreams come to fruition. For many, it's the fulfilling of their purpose, as displayed in the Space Force's recruiting video.

Of course, there have been some jokes made about this new "purpose." In fact, there is an entire television series that will debut on Netflix May 29 about Space Force. It's from the same guys that brought us the office and Steve Carell will be at the helm so I think we all can tell the direction they're headed.

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