Have you ever heard of a grebe? According to Wikipedia (because my personal bird knowledge is a bit limited), a grebe is a family of "widely distributed birds of freshwater, with some species also occurring in marine habitats during migration and winter."

The Weld County Sheriff's Office became a little more familiar with the bird today, after a resident living off of Weld County roads 35 and 394 reported one stuck in the snow. Thanks to WCSO's Facebook post, I learned that grebes "are prone to falling over due to their feet being located so close to the rear of their bodies."

OK. That's pretty cute. Check out photos of the grebe below:

An officer wrapped the bird in a blanket and it was released back to a body of water after the department sought advice from the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Longmont. You can watch the release at the video right here:

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