Needing your live sports fix? Empower Field at Mile High in Denver is happy to oblige, with a powerhouse match up of soccer superstars Mexico and Columbia on Saturday, March 30.

The two teams will feature some of the top footballers on their roster, such as midfielder James Rodriguez of Spain’s Real Madrid and winger Juan Cuadrado of Italy’s Juventus, according to the Denver Broncos Football Club.

Don't believe in the fun yet? According to the press release,

Mexican National Team U.S. Tour matches have become one of the most popular events in the sport, with an average of nearly 54,000 fans per game during the 2019 edition. With nearly 90 games played since 2002, the Mexican National Team has been able to use the matches not only to prepare for important competitions like the FIFA World Cup and Concacaf Gold Cup, but also to reach their fervent fan base across North America.

You can grab your tickets right here.

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