I had completely forgotten about this hilarious moment. It's only funny because no one was injured, but a video of a Yellowstone elk scaring a man into a corral area has gone viral again and it's worth reliving.

Full credit to Distinctly Montana for getting this one in front of everyone's eyes again. I had to look up the date, but I believe this happened in the Mammoth area of Yellowstone a couple years ago.

Here's a description from a bystander of what happened:

Saturday in the Mammoth area of Yellowstone, this bull elk was heading up to nearby cows. From my perspective, the man in the video was the recommended 25 yards away or more. However, the bull charged very quickly and he had no time to escape.

It probably means I'm not a nice person that this video made me laugh. Obviously it wouldn't be funny if anyone was injured. I think the part that was humorous to me was that normally it's animals that are in corrals while the humans are on the outside. In this case, the bull elk put the man in his rightful place. He was smart to get inside that fenced in area.

As the National Park Service will tell you, bull elk are very aggressive and dangerous especially during rutting season. Consider them dangerous all the time and you'll be even wiser.

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