Despite many attempts, Warner Bros. has yet to get a 'Wonder Woman' movie made. Marvel has made a movie featuring a talking raccoon with a machine gun before Warner Bros. has been able to figure out how to get 'Wonder Woman' - their third most well-known superhero property - made. It's something that hasn't been lost of comic fans and now Warner Bros. is admitting publicly the lack of a 'Wonder Woman' movie has been a "missed opportunity" and that they "need" to adapt 'Wonder Woman' as soon as possible.

In a recent column, we wondered why Warner Bros. was having such a hard time with 'Wonder Woman' despite her ongoing popularity and a script from Marvel top dog Joss Whedon. It likely boils down to a hesitance to greenlight an expensive female-led action movie, but how much longer will that excuse be valid?

Not much longer according to WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

Speaking publicly, Tsujihara put his studio on notice saying that they "need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV" and added that they have "huge plans for a number of other DC properties" other than Batman and Superman. (*cough*'Justice League'*cough*)

There have been rumors that Wonder Woman will make an appearance in 'Batman vs. Superman' and we wouldn't be surprised if that were part of the plan. Introduce Wonder Woman in a separate film, paving the way for 'Justice League' and after that film, begin work on the 'Wonder Woman' movie (very similar to how they're approaching the Batman reboot with Ben Affleck).

But, if the rumors are just rumors and Wonder Woman doesn't make an appearance in 'Batman vs. Superman,' we likely won't see her on screen until 2016 at the earliest, and can Warner Bros. really afford to wait that long while Marvel moves full-steam ahead on their impressive lineup of superhero films?

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