Police are on the hunt for the driver of a truck who reportedly was asking elementary-aged children to climb into his truck to stay warm.

Tuesday evening, a man in a red truck made a few passes in front of a home in Colorado Springs where a young girl was playing in the snow. After he passed the house a few times, he stopped and invited the girl to "get in his car, to stay warm." The child yelled "no" and ran into her home.

Colorado Springs police call it a "unusual circumstance" and went on to say the child "exactly what she should've done" in this situation. Police are asking parents to talk to their children about strangers as attempted kidnappings have spiked recently.

Police Department Spokesman Sokolik:

"The child involved did a great job of not getting in the vehicle, not approaching the vehicle. Saying ‘no’ and going back into the house ... that’s exactly what she should’ve done and exactly what we want parents to talk to their children about doing."


The vehicle was caught on video and appears to be maroon or dark red. Police couldn't decipher the license plate number. However, the description of the suspect is "older" white male.

Anyone with ANY information is asked to call the police right away at 719-444-7000

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