Everybody wants to go to Las Vegas, right? All we need is an excuse, and now we have one because the "Vegas Plane" is back in Northern Colorado.

Flights from Northern Colorado to Las Vegas?

It's been about 9 years since you've been able to fly directly out of the Northern Colorado Regional Airport to Las Vegas, but that all changes because as of today, December 15th, what was then dubbed as the "Vegas Plane" is wheels up again to get you direct from Northern Colorado to Las Vegas, Nevada. Back then, it was Allegiant Airlines who was flying Northern Colorado Vegas seekers to sin city, but this time around it's all about Avelo Airlines. As mentioned in this article by my Uncle Dave, Avelo started flying out of the Northern Colorado Regional Airport back in October of this year to the Burbank CA airport, so they're familiar with our local airport and what NoCo travelers are all about.

How much is it to fly from Northern Colorado to Las Vegas?

As of now, Avelo flights only arrive at and depart from the Northern Colorado Regional Airport on Wednesdays and Saturdays. After a quick look on AveloAir.com at a date in mid-January, you'd be spending $39 each way per person. Obviously, those rates will fluctuate as you get closer your travel date, but that's a great deal to fly to sin city and back. At those prices, there's no doubt that this new venture for Avelo Airlines will be just as popular as it was back when Allegiant Airlines hosted NoCo's "Vegas Plane." The only thing left to do is get your trip booked ASAP before those prices go up. Happy flying.

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