Life is never easy, but it can be even more difficult for people with disabilities.

Luckily, Northern Colorado is home to the Greeley Center for Independence (GCI), a non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities so they can live an enjoyable life in the community.

Focusing particularly on brain injuries, the GCI operates a 31 unit apartment complex to house people with disabilities. The organization also provides a brain injury program for adult survivors, as well as physical therapy.

"We provide a 24/7, very comprehensive, high-level of support for this particular population," said Sarita Reddy, the GCI's executive director. "We are the only ones in Northern Colorado."

However, as a non-profit, the GCI needs the community's help to provide their services.

That is why they are hosting the sixth annual Walk, Run, or Roll 5K/2K event at the Hope Warm Water Pool & Wellness Gym on Saturday, September 28th.

The race is a family-friendly and disability-accessible event that brings community members and the residents of GCI together.

"One woman who lives in our campus, for people with brain injuries, has her son come and push her [in the race]," said Reddy. "It's's an amazing event."

The event kicks off at 9:30 a.m. on the 28th. After the race, there will be an after party at WeldWerks brewing company. And, aside from having the satisfaction of raising money for a great cause, participants will also receive one free pour.

Throughout the five years that Reddy has been at GCI, she has seen the immense impact that Walk, Run, or Roll has had on the facility.

On top of raising money for their many programs, the event also helps to raise awareness for the organization.

"We are here. Not only are we here, but our residents our here," said Reddy. "I love the idea that people get to...participate in an event like this with them and get to see people with disabilities as members of the community. As their neighbors. As their friends."

To learn more about the Walk, Run, or Roll event, as well as the Greeley Center for Independence, listen to the full interview with Sarita Reddy below.

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