A new Rasmussen Report shows that a large number of American adults are indulging in video games on a weekly if not daily basis, and it's not just the people you would assume. In a new report by NBC News, it's not surprising that 97% of teens of both genders are participating in gaming. What might be surprising is that they found that 50% of all adults also are participating in gaming... 55% of adult men and a surprising 50% of adult women.

As the generation who grew up on home gaming systems start to have children of their own. It is becoming more and more common for parents to use gaming as a way to connect with their children. However, this is not the only adults that are playing. 66% of adults with children aged 17 and younger are gaming, while 47% of adults without children are gaming.

Life Hack, has even wrote a blog on 10 reasons why adults gamers are happier. They state such things are being more connected to their inner child, having an easy escape from stress, being exposed to greater creativity and imagination and most often have a more balanced life perspective. In the same report by NBC News, they wrote about a 30-year-old stay at home mom in Long Island New York, named Sarah Ninesling, who is a part of the one in five american adults who play on an almost daily clip. As a stay at home mom, she says that gaming "allows her to escape, relax and feel a sense of accomplishment."

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