The victim shot and killed during a confrontation between 2 biker clubs at Saturday's Colorado Motorcycle Expo has been identified.

Victor Mendoza, 46, died from a gunshot wound to the chest at the National Western Complex after a fight broke out between members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and Iron Order. He was one of 8 people injured in the fight; four people were shot, one person stabbed, and 3 victims suffered lesser injuries.

The announcement comes the day after the Department of Corrections confirmed one of its employees was involved in the scuffle.

Both clubs have differing accounts of how the attack actually occurred.

Iron Order's attorney John Whitfield told Denver7's Kyle Horan the fight stemmed from a Mongols' member's racial slur directed toward an African American Iron Order member. The Mongols' attorney Stephen Stubbs, however, says Iron Order instigated the attack after one of the members pulled a gun and threatened some Mongols.

The incident has put into question whether Denver's Motorcycle Expo will take place again next year.

"We're going to have to really assess how this event, if at all, will be held in our city," said Denver Manager of Safety Stephanie O'Malley.

Some expo vendors are unhappy with the way events were handled - one vendor, Angel Duran, telling Denver7 he lost a day worth of sales.

"To shut down something like this because two or three people, bad charachters, I think that's wrong," said Duran.

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