Vail's Sebastian Hotel is not only the epitome of class and luxury, like most hotels in the popular ski town, but is also filled with elegant and pricy art.


The Sebastian Hotel is located in the heart of Vail at 16 Vail Road. The hotel is centrally located between the Lionshead area and Vail Village.

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A True Vail Hotel

The Sebastian Hotel, like most hotels in Vail, is an extremely high-class establishment with room prices to match. If you plan on staying a night at The Sebastian be ready to drop nearly $1000 on a room on a given night.

The Artwork at Vail's Sebastian

The Sebastian Hotel is filled to the brim with artwork. A couple of notable artists are Miguel Felguerez after whom the library is named as well as Leonora Carrington whose name is also used by the hotel in various ways.

Types of art include things like sculptures, paintings, photography, and more.

Take a virtual tour of Vail's Sebastian Hotel and the artwork that fills its walls, floors, bookshelves, and more.

Vail’s Sebastian Hotel is Full of Elegant and Pricy Art

Like most hotels in Vail, The Sebastian Hotel is the epitome of class and luxury and is filled with elegant artwork.

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