I have to be honest and say I didn't even know what a 2-1-1 call center was. Join the United Way of Weld County next week during the call center's open house and learn more.

In 1999, a plan was put in place to bring 2-1-1 to Colorado. It was in 2002 the plan was finally approved by the Public Utilities Commission and 2-1-1, here in Colorado, was activated in 2003.

So what is 2-1-1?

It's a national call center that was put in place to help those who need help. The call center helps in many ways including the following,

  • Help with utility bills
  • Personal needs such as housing, clothing and food
  • Rental assistance
  • Affordable child care
  • After-school programs

It was put in place to help low to middle income families who need help with many things that affect our daily lives; it's a community solution to solving problems many of us incur in our daily lives, with or without children in the equation.

Basically, if there is a service you are in need of and can't remember which one it is, or don't even know, the 2-1-1 call center can help. If you want to know more, Wednesday, February 11, is National 2-1-1 day and you can attend the open house at the United Way of Weld County 2-1-1 call center located at 814 9th St in Greeley between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

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