A computer guru got revenge on a thief that stole his laptop after he used remote access to the device and found an embarrassing video of the crook dancing (very badly) to Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne.

There is a lesson here, a few of them really.  1) Don't steal other people's stuff. 2) Stealing a laptop with remote access is a pretty risky move.  3) Recording yourself doing a horrible dance to hip hop music might not be the best thing to do with a stolen computer.

Mark Bao is the rightful owner of the laptop in question and after his computer went missing he used remote access to log in to the computer and found the video of the thief's dance.  He then used Facebook to track the thief down, and got a little revenge by posting the video on YouTube. Hours after posting it, the thief sent Bao a message begging him to remove the video and apologized profusely for “thinking he could get away with something like this.”

The thief also turned the laptop into campus security and is now waiting to hear what kind of trouble he’s landed himself in. By the desperation in his message it sounds like he's got a heap of it coming his way.

As of right now about 600,000 people have vied the video and I doubt Bao will be taking it down anytime soon.

Now you want to see the awkward dance moves don't you?  Enjoy!

(FYI and fair warning, the song he dances to contains some 'colorful' language so you might want to turn your speakers down a bit if you're at work or within earshot of any kids.)

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