Anything that needs explaining with no basis of fact or logic is difficult for some people to believe with blind faith. But sometimes all it takes to turn someone into a believer is a firsthand experience of his or her own.

One Longmont resident described a UFO encounter they had last month while running a security check of their work building in a post for the National UFO Reporting Center:

A light was seen to the South and was very far away and appeared to look like a red ball of light. At first I assumed it was a plan coming toward my direction. I then realized it was not moving so I watched it for about a minute.

The unidentified reporter goes on to say they tried to debunk the occurrence, thinking perhaps it's just a star. But a low cloud cover made made them believe otherwise.

I continued to watch, when all of a sudden, it moved horizontally across the sky towards the West and then it just stopped on a dime. I noticed a plane with blinking lights flying past from West to East and almost immediately the red light zipped towards the plane heading East and again stopped on a dime as if examining the airplane.

The situation lasted around 5 minutes before they lost sight of the UFO in the treeline, which was too far away to catch video on their smartphone.

"I had recalled seeing stuff like this before on the internet thinking it was all fake," they said. "I know what I saw and am now a believer. Keep watching the sky!"

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