A group of Colorado climbers on Mount Everest are safe following an earthquake in Nepal that has left at least 3,000 people dead. The magnitude-7.8 quake triggered avalanches in the Himalayas, killing at least 18 people on the mountain.

According to 9 News: Three Colorado climbers, Jon Kedrowski, Alan Arnette and Jim Davidson were climbing when the earthquake hit.  Arnette and Davidson are both from Fort Collins. They were near camps that were hit by an avalanche and are currently stranded and waiting to find a way to get back down.

The Coloradoan is reporting that Davidson is climbing Everest and is currently at Camp 1 at 19,600 feet, and Alan Arnette is climbing Mount Lhotse and is at Camp 2 at 21,500 feet.

An American military plane carrying a disaster relief team and 45 tons of supplies is headed to Nepal.

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