If you think a public toilet it filthy, you would be surprised how dirty your car is and what 25 percent of people do while they drive. Twenty-Five percent of people eat at least once a week while in their car, and it not the winding roads that might be making people carsick. New research shows that the average car is covered with 283 different bacterias in every square centimeter. Not surprising, cars that transport children and pets actually have the highest range of types of bacteria.

We spend, on average, about three years of our lives in our cars. On top of 25 percent of people saying they eat in their cars at least once a week. Twenty-five percent of people also admit that their cars are littered with food wrappers and empty drinks. Even more disgusting, 16 percent have confessed they typically leave uneaten food in their car, rather than tossing it into the trash.