A sound that may never be heard again.. My pal, Reed Saunders, who's the Voice of the Colorado Rockies (and Eagles by the way!) grabbing his mic at Coors Field and saying "Now batting for the Rockies, Short Stop, Number 27, Treevoooooor Story!!" The team made Trevor a qualifying offer to stay with the Colorado Rockies and he has declined.

If you're a true Colorado Rockies fan, you likely saw this coming as there were many rumors during to 2021 season that he would not be resigning with the team. In fact, most, including myself, were surprised he wasn't traded after the All-Star Game in July. It was thought that the team would only keep him through the All-Star Game before trading him because it was held at Coors Field in Denver and Trevor was in the Home Run Derby! He only made it to the second round but that event was way more exciting than the actual game. I got to take my daughter to the game and the atmosphere was unmatched, but as far as the actual game? What a stinker! So boring! That's the problem with those games.. The best hitters are in the game, but so are the best Pitchers and none of them were looking to give up many hits. It's a pride thing.

The qualifying offer that the Colorado Rockies offered Trevor Story was a one year 18.4 million dollar deal. Pretty good money, right? Well, Trevor has decided to bet on himself and hit free agency to get that paper. Does that mean he'll no longer be in a Rockies Uniform come springtime? Not 100% but the odds are not in the Rockies favor. Trevor stepped in as our fulltime Short Stop after Troy Tulowitzky left the team yin 2015. He's been a staple in that Rockies line-up ever since and will be missed!

From all of us die-hard fans, thank you, Trevor, and good luck!

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