Wine, liquor and beer are now displayed inside the store at our Northern Colorado Costco, including their own, popular Kirkland brand. I have heard about Costco's amazing quality and price of their Kirkland brand booze for a long time. But our local store was not able to sell it, until this week. According to this Denver Post article Kirkland brand only marks up their booze about 10 to 14 percent, the industry standard is 25 to 40. That is a huge savings to us.

I wanted to try it all, because I love to compare and share. I love Tito's vodka, which they sell for $29.99, but I had to try the Kirkland brand, which is also distilled 6 times in the U.S., but only costs $12.99.  I am a big fan of the Fort Collins local ready-to-drink Coyote Gold, but at only $8.49, I will give the Kirkland brand of Golden Margarita a try. I also picked up a 1.5L of Pinot Grigio for $7.89 and a normal bottle size of Sauvignon Blanc for $6.99. If the quality is true to the rumors, then Northern Colorado Costco members/drinkers just scored a great deal.

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