I’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge on the “correct” way to taste wine is severely lacking, but my taste buds work great.

So, you know what that means?

Oh, you guessed it!


When I first heard about this event I was like okay the wine part sound great, but how many wines are we really talking about? Um… 100+ wines... from all over the world!

Then I’m like “okay, but like how long do I have to sample all of these delicious wines?”

Answer: 3 hours! 3 hours of UNLIMITED wine samples. Heck to the yeah!

But, if you need an extra hour (and who wouldn’t want an extra hour) you can always get the VIP exclusive Champagne Spree. (By the way, the VIP also includes food… hashtag sold)

So, I guess I should probably tell you where this is all going down… Wine Time is actually happening at the Drake Centre in Fort Collins.

When, you ask? No other day than February 16th!

So whether you always forget one of the biggest holidays (cough, cough Valentines day) or you just don’t know what to do with that new special person or maybe you just wanna do something extra for your special person or maybe your special people are a group of friends, Wine Time is going to be THE event to go to.

From the Rosé Road to the Champagne Courtyard get yourself a souvenir wine glass and lets get our Wine Time on!

For tickets click HERE!


Ticket Types and Pricing:

  • VIP Champagne Spree - Includes 4 hours of unlimited refills, exclusive access to premium Champagnes, a souvenir glass and lots of delicious food.
      • Price: $65 now through 12/25
  • General Admission - Includes 3 hours of unlimited refills and a souvenir glass
    • Price: $45 now through 2/2
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