PIke's in Windsor is moving down the block to the old T&T Tire location. Their current building, soon to be their 'old' building, is now for sale.

Pike's Auto Care Center at 501 Main Street in Windsor will be taking over the former T&T Tire location at 728 Main Street. With the move, speculation begins on what will take the 'old' Pike's place. I have three ideas of my own.

Put the Windsor Art & Heritage Center There

Windsor's Art & Heritage Center, directly to the north of the 'old' Pike's, has outgrown its current space. Putting it right on Main Street will give them plenty of room for what they have and room to continue growing.

A Downtown Taproom for High Hops Brewery

High Hops gets bigger and better every year. They could easily open up a great taproom in Downtown, while still rocking their location on the west side of town. I imagine another great patio.

A Parking Structure

Downtown Windsor is in desperate need of parking. Some would say that 'desperate' is an understatement. Parking is so limited in Downtown, especially with all the things that are opening soon, and that are in the works for the area. The town is growing, it's available parking needs to grow along with it.