Everyone has their favorite TV show, and everyone has that one show that all of their friends recommend to them but they just can't get into it. 

So, as a state, what's the one show we just can't get into?

Reviews.org surveyed residents of Colorado with a list of the most watched shows of all time, and asked them which ones they considered overrated. As a state, we all agreed on one: Parks and Recreation. 

According to the website,

Out of every state we surveyed, NBC’s Parks and Recreation was picked most often (eight times) as the most overrated show. If every state has an equal vote, Parks and Recreation is the most overrated show.

Personally, Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite shows of all time, so this fact is pretty baffling to me...especially the fact that more people dislike Parks and Rec than The Big Bang Theory. What's wrong with you people???

Tell us if you agree with the results in the comments below.

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