I honestly couldn't imagine a better prize.

The Mac 'N Cheese 5K has announced that it's landing in Denver on November 17, and you could win more than just carbs if you come in first. If you're an elite runner and you cross the finish line first, you'll take home $5,000.

That's a lot of noodles. 

According to their website, all runners will receive mac and cheese, mac and cheese socks, and refreshments. However, the prizes rank as follows:

Cash Prizes

1st place - $1000

2nd place - $500

3rd place - $400

4th place - $300

5th place - $200

6th place - $100

Age Group Winners

1st place - $30 Mac 'N Noodles Gift Card

2nd place - $15 Mac 'N Noodles Gift Card

3rd place - $10 Mac 'N Noodles Gift Card

I think the mac and cheese is enough of a prize for me.

Grab your tickets and learn more about the race right here.

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