When the snow melts in Colorado, things that have been lost or left behind reveal themselves. Colorado ski slopes are riddled with things that fall out of the pockets of skiers and snowboarders regularly.

Some of those things could be chapstick, sunglasses, keys, and other items found in someone's pockets. However, some weird things have been found at a Colorado ski area recently.


Breckenridge Ski Resort was cleaning up Peaks Seven, Eight, and Nine in preparation for summer opening by utilizing more than 200 employees in the clean-up efforts. Some of the items that they found included a rental snowboard, countless ski poles, ear pods, vapes, sunglasses, and more.

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Some of the items lost or left behind by patrons are just plain weird and we're scratching our heads at why someone would take some items with them on the slopes. Some of those items included a whole pineapple, which looked pretty good considering how long it might have been sitting on the mountain, an empty jug of Cattlemen's Kansas City Classic barbeque sauce, and an Invisalign tooth straightening tray... We can't tell if it is for the top or bottom.

Other items on the now snowless slopes included single mittens, beads, ID cards, and frisbees. See the video from Breckenridge Ski Resort highlighting all the items found during the cleanup below.

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