Choosing the right day to travel has all sorts of complications. After factoring in logistics, how much you need to bring with you, where you're traveling, and who you're traveling with, there's the golden question: How much is this trip going to cost me? (Hopefully something reasonable.)

Traveling over Thanksgiving and the holidays is stressful enough. That's why paying way too much for a round trip flight can be all too daunting of a task. But luckily for us, USA TODAY has scoured the Internet to narrow down the cheapest days to travel.

The cheapest days, according to them, are:

  • Wednesday, November 23 to Sunday, November 27
  • Thursday, November 24 to Friday, November 25
  • Thursday, November 24 to Tuesday, November 29

USA TODAY found fare savings anywhere from 40-70% when they checked on October 14. Departure and arrival locations also (obviously) play a major role in how much you're going to pay, but the dates above were found to be the cheapest overall.

Of course if you're going to travel, it's best to purchase your tickets early. The last thing you'll want to even think about is making last-minute arrangements because you were slacking on the couch eating candy corn and drinking homemade Butter Beer.

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