Condé Nast Traveler has a segment on their YouTube Channel titled 'Culturally Speaking: States Addition," where they ask people from all over the United States about their respective states.

From a state's most popular slang word to its best food, this channel covers it all.

Here is what the YouTube world had to say about Colorado:

Colorado's Most Popular Slang Term

Our representative said Colorado's most popular slang term is anything to do with skateboarding or snowboarding. I'll admit it — I've definitely said "shred the gnar" before.

Colorado's Best Food

Our representative said Colorado's best foods are "margaritas and enchiladas." Add green chili to that list and I agree.

The Worst Thing About Colorado

Our representative said "hail" is the worst thing about Colorado. My dented car will not dispute this statement.

Colorado's Biggest Rival

Our representative said Colorado's rival state is California. I'm sure you could find some Colorado natives who agree.

Colorado's Most Popular Stereotype

Our representative said Colorado's stereotype is that everyone wears flannel and dresses like a hipster. One look around Fort Collins confirms this statement.

Colorado's Most Hipster City

I bet you can already guess what our representative said is Colorado's most hipster city. Yup, it's Boulder.

Do you agree with our state representatives? Don't forget to tell us what you think Colorado's defining characteristics are in the comments.

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