Governor Polis instilled hope back into the hearts of many this morning by posting about yet another effective COVID-19 vaccine, just in time for some much-needed holiday cheer.

So far, there are two effective COVID-19 vaccines. According to USA Today, "vaccines developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are more than 95% effective against COVID-19, trials show", which is great news for Coloradans who want to get back to living our lives, enjoying live music and local breweries and restaurants.

However—even better— Governor Polis posted on Facebook this morning, November 23, that there is "more good news on the horizon with evidence for a third effective vaccine!". This one comes from AstraZeneca, who says their vaccine is 90 percent effective.

The vaccine, developed by Oxford University in the United Kingdom, according to NBC News, is yet another promising step towards a cure for COVID-19, and world leaders are excited. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson was quoted by ABC News saying, "There are still further safety checks ahead, but these are fantastic results."

Governor Polis said we should take this new development as an "increasing light at the end of the tunnel", and be even more encouraged to remain socially distant and continue to wear our masks until the vaccine is ready for us.

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