Kelly Clarkson may be willing to part ways with her eyes, but thankfully, her mouth, lungs and a few other critical organs will remain untouched.

On last night's Season 8 finale of The Voice — in which voters crowned 16-year-old Sawyer Fredericks the show's newest winner — eventual fourth-place finisher Koryn Hawthorne joined Kelly Clarkson on stage for a performance of Etta James's classic "I'd Rather Go Blind." To say it brought the house down would sort of be like saying Three Mile Island was "a bit unfortunate."

Clarkson, who's served as a Voice mentor, predictably shined through the heartbreaking 1968 tune that includes the lyrics "So you see I love you so much / That I don't want to watch you leave me baby," but 16-year-old Hawthorne refused to play second fiddle, and she left even her Grammy-winning duet partner gobsmacked.

"She can sing, y'all!" the "Invincible" powerhouse declared at the tail-end of the performance. No arguments here! Sounds like the public may have sold the teenage contestant a little short...

And while memorable, the performance wasn't the first time the inaugural Idol champ wowed crowds with the blues classic. After the legendary James died from complications stemming from leukemia in 2012, Clarkson, who'd just begun her "Stronger" tour, delivered a "Blind" tribute to Radio City Music Hall that left the better part of Midtown Manhattan in shock.

Coffee machine busted? Watch Kelly's dueling versions of "I'd Rather Go Blind" for a guaranteed mid-morning pick-me-up, and share your thoughts on the final Voice results below!