It doesn't have to be Halloween season to get a good scare. Any time is a good time for a ghost story or 10. And with one of the most famous haunted places in the country practically in our back yard, we're never short of creepy tales from The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

The Stanley is famous for its role in many movies but mostly as the Overlook Hotel Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror "The Shining,"  and for, well, its hauntings. Many stories of ghosts and hauntings have surfaced and been documented through the years.

Creepy shadows, mysterious loud noises, voices, children's laughter, and unexplained figures peering out of and into windows are just some of the stories that are unexplained and just flat out creepy.

Just walking in the hotel for me is a surreal experience as "The Shining" is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's a real thrill to see it up close and personal and I can honestly say that while I'm not a 100% believer in ghosts and stuff like that, there's definitely something there and I can feel it.

So, is The Stanley Hotel haunted?

No matter what you think, let's take a look at some of the creepiest encounters captured in pictures that are sure to give you the shivers or, at the very least, make you go WHOA!

1. The ghost girl on The Stanley Hotel stairs

Let's start with this one from a group that was on a tour. Notice the figure in the foreground. A family snapped this picture on the stairs of this creepy little girl while visiting the hotel. They reported there weren't any (living) little girls on their tour.

2. More on the stairs of the haunted Stanley Hotel

Henry Yau captured a picture of an older woman and child. CNN actually got into the action and shared the photo. SUPER creepy if you ask me.

3. Infamous Stanley Hotel Room 217, the Stephen King suite 

Kirin Johnson said that during his stay in room 217 he was awoken by a loud "bang" like something very heavy falling. Later, he heard a woman's low laughter right next to his side of the bed. Oh, HAIL no!

Can you stay in room 217 at The Stanley Hotel? Yes, if you dare.

4. Ghost in the mirror 

Imagine feeling a shove but nobody is behind you ... or so you thought. Beth and her husband were on a haunted tour when she felt that and decided to snap a picture of what looks like the previous owner's wife, Flora, standing right behind her, while the smell of phantom roses appeared. (Note how the lady appears straight while the mirrors look spiraled). GEEZ!

5. Ghostly woman in the window

Just within the last year or so, a visitor snapped this pic of a woman just hanging out staring out the window. Here's the thing: Hotel workers couldn't explain this to anyone because that particular part of the hotel had been closed off for an extended period of time.


6. Mysterious messages 

On a visit to The Stanley, a woman named Cathryn Sanders said that her daughter has no memory of telling the family that an ominous figure had mentioned to the girl that they were not wanted there.

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