How, exactly, do you pull off a patriotic 5K in the middle of a pandemic?

The Loveland Liberty 5K's organizers admit that the race this year will look slightly different than usual, according to the Coloradoan. Going off of state regulations, organizers will allow 50 runners to race at a time, every half hour. They must practice social distancing while they run.

This is one of the first 5K races that has been allowed to happen since March, and whether that's because of Larimer County's patriotic spirit or the hunger of the racers, urgent to get back to the track— the race is a welcome distraction, either way.

Runners will also see restrictions like exiting the finish line within 15 minutes of their finish time, asking racers to bring their own water, requiring racers to state they are not infected with COVID-19, and more. To learn more and register for the race, click here.

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