Every morning around 6:20 I scour the Internet to find you the dumbest criminal(s) of the day. Not surprisingly, criminals and common sense don’t often go hand-in-hand. Is it a sad state of our society? Yes, but great entertainment for the rest of us. Who made the list this week?

First, A 20-year old from Nebraska who robbed an adult bookstore with a mask and a gun. The problem here, his sister was working behind the counter! That’s going to be one awkward family reunion once he gets out of jail.

Next up, Some guys who tried to get out of a DUI by pulling a fast one on the cops. A passenger in the back seat called 911 to report men with guns outside a nearby bar hoping the officer would get called to the scene. One problem, the dispatcher could hear the officer giving a roadside test to the driver. You’re never as clever as you think you are…especially after a night of drinking.

We also heard about a nurse from Minnesota who stole pain medication from a patient. Only she took it straight out of his IV line…while he was undergoing kidney stone surgery! Her response to him when he started complaining about the pain, “You need to man-up.” I wonder what her new career will be?

And finally, a Georgia man who decided to give his son a tattoo…his THREE-year-old son! Wonder-dad decided his boy would look great with a “D.B.” tattooed on his shoulder (short for “Daddy’s Boy”). His defense, he was drunk and doesn’t remember giving his kid a tattoo. Way to go dad...way to go.

Dumb Criminals

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