What a chore, I had to find my top 5 favorite subs/sandwiches in Fort Collins. My job is so hard, can you believe the expectations put on me?

This was a great adventure. The whole family loves subs and sandwiches, you can imagine the disappointment when I said we have to go out for subs tonight… note the silly tone in my voice.

The crazy thing about this adventure is we all have had subs before, but then you put the task of picking 5 favorites in our hands and we all become extreme food critics. Once we ate subs because they were just plain delicious, now we found ourselves saying thing’s like “oh if there were just more vinegar” or “I’m not sure about the bread”. I felt like a delusional movie critic sitting there judging each sub as if I were going to change the world one sub at a time. Bottom line, when all was said and done, we thoroughly enjoyed our sub experiment. And although I would like to tell you that there were definite winners and not so winners, but I can’t. We all enjoyed our subs and have narrowed it down to 5.

the best of the best subs in no particular order:

Universally in our house the favorite sub variety is the Italian. A tasty assortment of the best of the best when put together. At Jersey Mikes they have a variety of “Italian” sandwiches. I chose the Original Italian

It’s the sub that made us famous since way back in 1956. And it’s big! A truly authentic, Jersey-style Italian sub served Mike’s Way with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil blend, red wine vinegar and oregano. It will make your mouth water and your tummy very happy!

D Dennison

This by the way is my James’ favorite. James says Jersey Mikes is only second to lil King in Lincoln, Nebraska-back in college he could put down two subs from lil King and would do so as often as he could. I like Jersey Mikes, they offer a great sub with great service.

At Snarfs we stepped to the left a bit and not only ordered the Italian, but went for the Prime Rib and New York Steak as well.

This place has, in my opinion, the best bread. My only issue was that all subs are toasted and I prefer my Italian not toasted, but the bread is so good, it’s easy to overlook that small fact. Actually at Snarfs, I enjoyed the New York Steak with Feta the most. They cook the meat right then and there, its so juicy and tender and was teamed perfectly with the Feta and a few extras like lettuce, tomato and peppers. (Not to mention the staff was incredible) My step son Josh said he really liked this Snarfs place. (he is a college kid of 22 going to CSU-Snarfs is at the corner of College and Laporte in Fort Collins)

Here we went with the family favorite and ordered another Italian, but this time the Spicy Italian. On this grand sandwich you’ll find Ham, Capicola, Pepperoni and Cheese-oh my! Fix her up and get ready to enjoy. This was my FAVORITE bread/sandwich! I added onions, lettuce, tomato, peppers, pickles, oil and vinegar-Nuff Said! :)

This place never fails with the Italian Night Club or the Hunters Club or the Bootlegger or the or the or the… there are many great options here. Jimmy Johns even offers unwiches, your favorite sandwiches without the bread. (who does that?!)  This sub has a great taste, price and bread. My Offensive lineman that hopes to play for the Huskers someday, loves Jimmy Johns!

I wasn’t sure if we could include this tasty place, but thought about it for only a minute when I decided, with the approval of the family that it had toppings, meat, cheese and bread-it qualified

And boy does it qualify… this was my Ashley’s favorite, this after thinking she wouldn’t like it… she just looked at me and did the teenage girl OMG! “I love this place”! :)

Plus they deliver and offer TastyKakes.