Christmas music can be a polarizing topic. Some love it, some hate it, some don't care either way, and others are morally opposed to it. I don't mind Christmas music (when I am in the mood for it), in fact, there are a few holiday tunes I look forward to putting on my playlist every year. This list is about the Christmas songs that make me want to plug my ears and run away. There are terrible versions done of almost every Christmas tune, but these five songs are ones that I tend to hate nearly every version I hear.

  • 1

    Wonderful Christmas Time

    This might be one of the catchiest Christmas songs every written, but just because it gets stuck in my head, doesn't mean I have to like it. It sounds like it would better fit on the soundtrack of an 80's Sci-fi B-movie. And my wife hates it too. All I have to do is hum a few bars around her to earn a quick trip to the dog-house.

  • 2

    Christmas Don't Be Late

    When you're a toddler, this song is the most amazing Christmas song in the world. When you're an adult, this song is on par with listening to a wolverine try and claw its way out cage made of chalkboards.

  • 3

    Last Christmas

    It seems like every band on earth decides to cover this song at some point in their careers, and that needs to stop. Not only is it a bad Christmas song, it's a depressing one. (I will give Jimmy Eat World a mulligan on this one, because I actually kind of like the version they did.)

  • 4

    Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

    Yet another song that almost every rock band seems to feel the need to cover. "Oh, but it's by John Lennon, it is sacred!" Whatever...I would be a happy man if I never had to hear this depressing piece again.

  • 5

    Blue Christmas

    I know some people get "the blues" around Christmas, but that doesn't mean we have to listen to crappy blues songs about Christmas. You know what makes my Christmas blue? Hearing anyone's version of this song.