The city of Gypsum, Colorado has been hiding a big secret because there's buzz about Tesla looking to build a new center in the city.

According to a report from Vail Daily, the electric cars, solar and clean energy company is looking to build a "sales, service, and delivery center."

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Rocky Mountain Commerce Park | Gypsum, Colorado

Gypsum has been waiting for the right opportunity for growth and development and even created a "28-acre light industrial park/subdivision located directly across from Eagle County Regional Airport," called Rocky Mountain Commerce Park.

The space is conventiently located and offers plenty of room for businesses looking for the perfect place for a warehouse.

Tesla In Gypsum, Colorado

Tesla recently submitted plans to build a 35,349-square-foot center for a cool $5.2 million.

If approved, groundbreaking may occur as early as May of this year. Currently it's estimated that the center will take approximately 9-12 months before completetion.

Currently Gypsum is home to a Costco where Tesla owners can visit and charge their vehicle, but things are about to get much more advanced for the city.

The new Tesla center would allow customers to get their Tesla serviced and those interested purchasing a Tesla would no longer have to travel to the front range to get an up-close look.

Growth in Gypsum, Colorado

With the new Tesla center will come 40 new jobs, plus the potential for tons of other businesses to follow.

“Gypsum now hosts several major brand names that create a regional customer draw to Gypsum that didn’t exist before including Costco, Ace Hardware and soon Tesla,” Gypsum Town Manager Jeremy Rietmann stated to Vail Daily.

“These businesses draw regional customer traffic that also benefits our local restaurants, mom-and-pop retailers and other businesses by increasing the daytime population of Gypsum.”

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