It was the rare occasion when we walked into the classroom and the only one there was the teacher. Leah Kersch was sitting behind her desk as her students were off in the gym rehearsing for an upcoming performance. Though the setting was unusual, her reaction was not. It is quite common when we walk into a classroom holding a bouquet of flowers and prizes, and with a cameraman with his tripod following to see the teacher with wide eyes and a grin that says "hello" and "what's going on?" at the same time.

Leah Kersch is the latest teacher in Northern Colorado to be chosen as our Teacher Tuesday teacher of the week! Leah won the bouquet of flowers from Earles Flowers & Gifts, pizza for a year from Old Chicago's, and a $50 gift card from Rodizio Grill.

After we handed over the prizes, there was the matter of the free game of bowling from Chippers Lanes to hand out to the kids. With no kids in the room, what to do? Leah cared about this too, so we ventured down the hallway to the gymnasium to get her kids to an area where we could let them know of their teacher's honor, and to get them their free bowling. As we got closer to the gym, we could hear a bunch of kids singing and rehearsing for their show. I can say to all the parents of children at Benjamin Eaton Elementary, you are in for a great show.

Once we got all the kids together, Leah was again showing that look of excitement and pride for her students and for the honor of being chosen for "Teacher Tuesday".

Leah, like all the previous recipients of "Teacher Tuesday" was nominated by folks who know these teachers. They could be parents of the students, fellow teachers and administrators, or they could have been a pupil of the teacher. If you know of someone deserving of this honor, please let us know by clicking HERE.

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