Is it me or does it seem like singles are being released at lightning speed lately?

Proof of that is the recent rumor over what Taylor Swift’s next single off her mondo selling album 1989 will be. Next single, really??? Bad Blood has barely dropped. Taylor’s reaction: “I don’t even know what the next single is yet !! Let’s all take deep breaths in and out and watch Bad Blood again on Vevo”. She must be thinking: "S*** took me forever to make that video and they want another one already?"

Taylor’s first four tracks from 1989 are all currently charting in the top 40. Not long ago a label would wait for a song to fall off the chart before releasing the next one. A great album would provide singles for what seemed like years, giving the artist a break to tour, write new music, work their magic in the studio for their next album or have a life.

Now, we want our beats fast and furious. Today, labels are trying to make a buck in a digital landscape and artists are under more pressure than ever to deliver the hits at rapid fire speed!

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