Wrecking Balls, Tangled Up, Mattress Run and S.O.S. are just a few of the obstacles you will encounter in the 2015 Insane Inflatable 5K. Are you ready for some fun?

Last year the Insane Inflatable 5K invaded Northern Colorado and it is safe to say from all the people that were flying in the air from their bounces, that everyone had a great time.

With a first name for a 5K like "Insane," there is no way the course could be the same as it was last year. Oh no.

This year as you will see in the video above there a ton of new obstacles on the course that are destined to be a non-stop thrill.

But what if you weren't involved with it last year? It looks intimidating doesn't it?

It is and it's not at the same time. Think of it being a big bounce house from when you were a kid. They were a ton of fun. Now take that same memory and blow it up to epic proportions. Now that is what you call the Insane Inflatable 5K.

There is still time to register and you can do so here.

Looking forward to see your smiling face May 23rd at the Ranch Events Complex.

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