The Office

Lip Sync-Off on Jimmy Fallon is Hilarious!!!
Lip Syncing is not as easy as it looks. You really have to know the song, but you can't actually sing the song. I remember from my speech class, senior year. I lip-synced The Ronettes "Be My Baby" from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. This Jimmy Fallon skit with John Krasinski fr…
‘The Office’ Series Finale Gets Supersized
'The Office' fans have often had to be wary of extended episodes, which usually have the misfortune of padding existing material and diluting the results of an otherwise good episode. In this case, however, we don't think they'll mind! NBC has officially announced that the May 16 'Office' series fin…
‘The Office’ to End After This Season
This news saddens me a little but it also was kind of expected. Last season was good but it would have been a whole lot better with Michael Scott. Since Steve Carrel's famous character left the show, it really hasn't been the same. It was funny but it didn't really have that "…
Will Ferrell On The Office [Video]
I know Kama talked about Ferrell coming to "The Office" a while back, but I just saw a behind the scenes clip with him and the cast.  I have to say I am a little excited to see what Ferrell can do, but on the other hand, I am a little sad to see Carrell leave.

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